South Orange County Wildcats enhances opportunities for track and field athletes to participate in and develop skills beyond their school-based
programs.  Founded by a 19-year track and field coaching veteran, our USA Track & Field (USATF) sanctioned club addresses the needs of a range of
youths – from the elite athlete to the beginner, and all levels in between.  Regardless of their level, each South Orange County Wildcat is trained
to maximize his/her individual potential.

Our elite athletes benefit from sophisticated cross-functional coaching, specialized, event-specific training and peer group sessions designed to
push them to the next level.

Our competitive youth athletes – ages 8 through 18 – learn the various aspects of track and field with event-specific skills training.  Age group
participation, along with specialized training techniques help Wildcats’ youths enhance their performance in competition.

Our general fitness athletes find track and field a great was to increase fitness levels, or get in shape for sports such as soccer, football and
basketball.  Regardless of their motivation the South Orange County Wildcats Track and Field Club provides a safe and fun environment for
everyone to get moving.
Creating Success
Success to the South Orange County Wildcats is more than just winning a race, or setting a new record in the triple jump -- it’s about developing
character.  Our positive coaching philosophy is designed to bring out the best in each of our athletes.  Communication and priority setting are
integral to our club’s and athletes’ success.    We work with our athletes and parents to establish appropriate priorities for track and field, school
and family life.

Track and field may not be everything to everyone, however competitive track and field can be an extremely valuable part of a young person’s life.  
The focus,  self-motivation and sportsmanship that result from disciplined training carries through to all aspects of life.  Not every child can be a
world-class athlete, but every athlete can benefit from an organized and well-directed track and field program, whether or not they ever win a race.

The South Orange County Wildcats program will teach every athlete that in order to reach their full potential they must apply themselves
intelligently and consistently.  Providing a healthy, learning atmosphere that stresses this will positively impact our athletes for a lifetime.  That’s
the ultimate measure of success.